Freylakh Klezmer Band

Freylakh Klezmer Band draws on the rich and varied repetoire of the klezmorim - Jewish folk and wedding musicians of Eastern Europe and America. Freylakh has been playing for festivals, concerts, Jewish holiday celebrations, weddings, and bar/bat mitzvot since 1988.

Freylakh's repetoire ranges from traditional and original klezmer tunes to Hasidic music and Yiddish songs. Members of the band are available to teach and educate audiences about the musical styles and cultural traditions of Eastern European Jews.

The bands instruments include clarinet, violin, piano, percussion, tsimbl (hammered dulcimer), and shtroyfidl. The shtroyfidl (straw fiddle) is a vertically played xylophone based on the tsimbl. The particular shtroyfidl used by Freylakh was designed based on historical research by the band's violinist, Kim Goldov.

Band leader, Nancy Goldov is now a psychologist with a private practice, Neighborhood Psychology in Seattle.

Freylakh is not currently playing for events. Here are several great choices. You can contact them directly:

Shawn's Kugel
Shawn Weaver leads this band. Lots of originals.
Stunning duo featuring former Freylakh members, Carl Shutoff and Laurie Andres. "Real" klezmer music.
Kosher Red Hots
Klezmer, Ladino, Jazz. Sheila Fox is on vocals and clarinet. Includes former Freylakh members Laurie Andres and Liz Dreisbach.

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5802 17th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105