Freylakh Member Biographies

Kim Goldov - Violin, hockbret, shtroyfidl, and drums

Kim founded Freylakh with Nancy in 1988. He has performed on violin with a variety of ethnic music groups in Europe and America. Kim has performed in the Pacific Northwest with the Radost Folk Ensemble, Yeni Ses (Turkish folk music), and the Seattle Public Theater's production of "Ghetto" by Joshua Sobol.

Nancy Goldov - Piano, Keyboard

Nancy has had a full career in the performing arts. In addition to being a pianist, she has sung and danced in the Radost Folk Ensemble on stages throughout the Northwest, and has studied dance and music with choreographers in Eastern Europe and America. She has worked as a dance/movement therapist with the Jewish elderly at the Caroline Kline Galland Home. Nancy was the chairperson for the American Dance Therapy Association's (ADTA) 35th annual conference held in Seattle in October, 2000, and is currently on the national board of the ADTA.